Parable Mad-Libs

As you may have seen in the lobby, we’re exploring the form of parables through Mad-Libs.  We have two available, on the lobby display and in the audience context guide (link at the top of this blog), but others have made their own as well!

Check out this Good Samaritan Mad-Lib and this one of New Wine Into Old Wineskins.   Here’s an example of a parable Mad-Lib not completed randomly, but used for a specific purpose.  Both approaches to the parable form can bring a new perspective on how parables work and how they are used in Godspell!


Talking Godspell

When I saw Godspell this weekend, I realized that I have a wealth of people to discuss it with because I work at OTC, but many of you may be limited in your ability to express your opinions and ask your questions about the show.  I hope that this space might be a resource, both to share your thoughts and experiences with each other, and to ask any questions you have about our side of the Godspell experience.


We’d love to hear your thoughts and conversations in the comments!

Playing With Biblical Teachings & Performance

A lot of Godspell involves exploring ways to tell Biblical stories and illustrate philosophy, sometimes in playful, interactive, and performative ways.

This challenge of bringing philosophical ideas to life in a fun, engaging way for people of all ages and walks of life, is one that religious groups face all the time.  Clown ministries are one approach.  Here are some others.



Depictions of Jesus Through World History

Godspell encourages us to reexamine the teachings and stories of the Gospel of Matthew through new eyes, to question the assumptions we have about who Jesus and his disciples were and what they were about.  Here, we’ve brought together a range of images that explore the question of who and what Jesus himself has meant to people from different cultures and times, and how artists have chosen to manifest that.



Jesus’ Many Faces

Jesus has been depicted by numerous artists across the world and throughout history.

Some ask, from a historical perspective, “What can we really know about Jesus?” but here, we look instead at examples of what Jesus and his ideas have meant to artists.  Others have compiled their own galleries; what images would you include?

There’s another direction that the faces of Jesus can go, too; people frequently report seeing Jesus’ face (usually the bearded, long-haired Caucasian Jesus) in a variety of unexpected places.  Buzzfeed lists some, and shows us how much and how little some of them look like faces, let alone how we might expect the face of Jesus to look.