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Allie Parris


Christian Spirituality at Burning Man

Many people have found a week of creativity and community in the desert to be a spiritual experience, but not always one associated with organized religion.  Here are a few examples of Burning Man attendees, or “Burners,” who find parallels between their experiences in the desert and the philosophy of the Gospels.

Pastor Phil Wyman’s Blog

Christian Scientist Michael Morgan’s “We Are All Prophets

Interview with Lee Gilmore, author of Theater in a Crowded Fire: Ritual and Spirituality at Burning Man

Early Days of Godspell

“I went home and realized what I wanted to do with the Gospels: I wanted to make it the simple, joyful message that I felt the first time I read them and recreate the sense of community, which I did not share when I went to that service.”

—John-Michael Tebelak, bookwriter and original director of Godspell

Check out this excerpt from the Godspell creator’s 1975 interview with Dramatics Magazine (you can find the full interview here).  Along with the excerpt are some great links that illustrate not only Godspell‘s origins, but its original production and the addition of “By My Side” in the La Mama production.  Did you know that “By My Side” was originally written for a play called “Marigold and Elkin”?