The Rebel Jesus

“Jesus’ political climate is our political climate, and therefore we must not forget the revolutionary reality of our religious roots.”

Rev. Starsky Wilson of St. John’s United Church of Christ in St. Louis

There has been a lot of debate over what Jesus would think of various contemporary social issues.  In St. Louis, and many other cities, that question has brought people from churches out to protests.  Godspell emerged out of a time of civil unrest and an active struggle for social justice, and its reflections on Jesus as a rebel—carving his own path and upsetting the religious status quo—remain topical.  The connections are there without having to venture far from the Gospels themselves.

Have lovely holidays, with whatever religious or social significance you prefer, and keep an eye out for more thought-provocation and context as we approach Godspell in the new year!

(I don’t believe that the song functions as a generalization against all Christians, but rather as a social critique; however, this is the internet, so here’s an opposing point of view!)