Jesus’ Many Faces

Jesus has been depicted by numerous artists across the world and throughout history.

Some ask, from a historical perspective, “What can we really know about Jesus?” but here, we look instead at examples of what Jesus and his ideas have meant to artists.  Others have compiled their own galleries; what images would you include?

There’s another direction that the faces of Jesus can go, too; people frequently report seeing Jesus’ face (usually the bearded, long-haired Caucasian Jesus) in a variety of unexpected places.  Buzzfeed lists some, and shows us how much and how little some of them look like faces, let alone how we might expect the face of Jesus to look.


Indigenous Jesus

You may think of Jesus as the long-haired, bearded Caucasian man, but artistic depictions of Jesus are flavored by all the cultures and times that produce them.  In the blog Indigenous Jesus, you can explore the crossroads of indigenous cultures around the world and Christian imagery through art.